Touch typing is a very important skill nowadays. Practically all of desk jobs involve using a computer. If you use a laptop or a desktop at work, you use a keyboard to enter text. Although voice typing is became so sophisticated and it is working like a charm, using a keyboard is still the most accurate way to enter text. Touch typing is a bit forgotten skill, although it seems it should blossom as so many jobs depend on computers and keyboards have not gone away.

Touch typing for kids

Kids should learn touch typing. They have a whole life ahead of them so the sooner they learn, the more benefits it will give them. Let's see what benefits children can get from faster and more correct typing.

How to type faster?

In order to learn touch typing, you have to take into account many factors. Only smart learning of using the keyboard makes you type quickly and correctly.

Similarities between touch typing and karate

Can martial arts have anything to do with fast typing? Can you learn to type quickly in a few days, or maybe in half an hour? It turns out that by analogy to karate, you can say a lot about the skill of touch typing. There are many similarities between both of these activities.

Touch typing and muscle memory

What do have muscles to do with touch typing? Everything! Without your muscle memory, you wouldn't be able to type without looking at your keyboard.

Fingers placement when touch typing

It is almost impossible to type fast without correctly placing your fingers. Fingers' placement in touch typing is not so obvious. There are two different ways of placing your fingers and one of them, although less natural is more popular.

Reasons why you should learn touch typing

Why should I learn touch typing? It takes effort, but there are many benefits that it brings to type without looking at the keyboard. We explain why it is profitable to learn the touch typing method.

What is touch typing?

Although so many people use computers at work, for studying, or at school, touch typing is still not very popular. Let's start with basic questions: what is touch typing and what mechanism enables using a keyboard in such a way?