Sheep Rescue

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Save as many sheep as possible by typing the correct letters and numbers. The game will reward you with a point if you type the correct letter or number that appears on the sheep.

The game will punish you with losing a point if you type a character that does not appear on any sheep. So don't type random letters on the keyboard - it is pointless and can only cause you to lose points in the game.

The alien invaders will kidnap sheep without mercy until they capture five sheep or their spaceship gets destroyed. Wait for an angry duck to appear. Every duck has a deep dislike for space thieves, and when it gets caught, it will destroy their spaceship. Until then, you must stand up to sociopathic thieves from outer space who want to take something that does not belong to them. Touch typing will help you rescue many innocent sheep!

Sheep Rescue - keyboard fast typing game - master touch typing by playing games - AgileFingers This game will teach you to type faster using your keyboard. Rescue as many sheep as you can and save the sheep world