Typing test

25 WPM

You can take the typing test as many times as you wish, but you have only 2 attempts for each task. In order to pass, you need to complete each task with a score of at least 25 WPM (words per minute).

attempt #1
attempt #2
speed ≥ goal
test progress:

How to take the touch typing test?

Above you can see links to all of the test's tasks. The typing test consists of four tasks. Just click a link that will direct you to a given task. Once a task of the test is finished you see how the typing speed result refers to your typing speed goal.

Typing test structure

Each of the typing test’s tasks verifies a significant aspect of typing. There are two typing exercises that test your typing speed based on how fast you type most common words and numbers. To succeed in the touch typing test you also need to type fragments of two full texts. Your typing speed must meet your typing goal. So first you need to set your goal - the link to set a speed goal is in the top menu. When you pass all tasks, the typing speed test is complete. If you meet your goal within two attempts for each task, the typing test is passed and your goal is marked as complete.

Why would I do a touch typing test?

It is important to test your skills. If you exercise fast typing and you want to test if it gives results, you can check it by taking a typing test. Another advantage of taking a touch typing test is to motivate yourself. You surely want to type faster, that is why you use AgileFingers. If you cannot find a proper motivator for increasing typing speed, taking a test would be something that may motivate you.