Texts typing master

25 WPM

Touch typing using custom texts

You can enter up to 15 custom texts. If you enter more, the oldest text, from the bottom of the list, disappears. If you edit a custom text, it is moved to the top of the list and is considered the newest one.

Why should you type custom texts?

AgileFingers has a limited number of typing exercises. Maybe you need to practice more a particular aspect of touch typing, but you feel that the predefined lessons and texts are not enough. Thanks to custom texts, you can enter whatever text you wish.

Another advantage of learning to type faster with custom exercises is repeating a text of your choice. Maybe you want to learn a poem. Reading the same text all over again is the easiest way to learn. You can use AgileFingers to learn your favorite quotes and impress others with your eloquence.

How should you learn to type faster?

First of all, try not to be too ambitious regarding the difficulty of a text. Keep in mind, that you usually type using a natural language. You use a limited range of words. At first, you should learn to type without looking at the keyboard. Then, you should type comfortably at a satisfactory rate. In the next step, you can type more sophisticated texts. Don't discourage yourself. Type at your pace. Typing correctly is the key to touch typing. Once you start using the correct fingers for typing and you wouldn't have to look at your keyboard, you can concentrate on typing speed.

The maximum number of characters is 1000 The maximum length of the title is 50 characters