Touch typing for kids

Touch typing ability is valuable for everyone, regardless of age. It is extremely beneficial to start learning it as a child when the brain is most receptive and able to form new connections quickly. Natural learning that characterizes children makes it easier for them to master difficult skills in less time than adults. It is worth using this time and encouraging children to expand their knowledge. There are some very significant reasons why children should learn touch typing.


Learning touch typing is not easy and requires diligence. It cannot be learned in one day and requires repeated exercises. Thus, it teaches children to be patient and that daily work brings positive results in the long run.

Accuracy and focus

Touch typing requires you to focus all of your attention on the monitor. As a result, children can type with greater accuracy and spot their mistakes faster. Therefore, typing a text takes less time and increases their productivity.


Touch typing requires a proper posture. Thanks to daily touch typing exercises while maintaining the correct body position, a child can learn healthy habits and avoid spine defects caused by sitting at a desk for many hours.


Touch typing skill is an undoubted advantage when looking for a job. It allows you to stand out from other candidates and gives the employer a signal that he is dealing with a thorough, conscientious, and precise person.

Learning through play

An investment in child's future

Nowadays, most professions are based on working with a computer, and therefore, typing. We can expect further computerization in the future, so learning to touch type will become essential. Anyway, it can bring benefits even before the start of professional life. Currently, more and more classes in schools and universities are conducted on computers. As a result, children with the ability to type quickly have an advantage over their peers at an early stage of education, which helps them to be successful in the future.