Touch typing and muscle memory

Muscle memory

You will not learn how to type fast and correctly if you do not train by repeatedly practicing. Muscles have memory and you force them to remember through repetition. When a movement is repeated over and over again, a long-term muscle memory is created for that task. This is performed without your conscious effort. It is important to press a key with the correct finger because your muscles will remember your actions. If you are chaotic, you will not succeed. It is better to take some time, look at your keyboard when learning and assure that you use the right finger. Remember not to confuse your muscles!

How does it work?

Muscle memory gives you two benefits:

  • Learning movement patterns allow them to be remembered for the rest of your life; like the ability to ride a bike. When you do not practice a given activity for a long time and then go back to it, it will be easier to learn it again. This can be likened to dancing and performing different dance moves, thereby mapping particular movements. If you have practiced dancing before in the childhood, it won't be so hard to learn a second time.
  • It raises the number of nuclei found in muscle cells. This creates muscle mass. It is an important factor in bodybuilding.

The aspect of movements being remembered by your muscles is important from the point of view of fast typing.

Each movement activates muscle receptors called proprioceptors, which send signals to the central nervous system. The signal describes the current position of the body, the tension of the individual muscles, and the order in which they work. The brain memorizes the entire sequence of these signals by combining it with the specified motion. By repeating the same movement second, third, fourth and next time in a row, you do it faster and more efficiently.


To teach the muscles a given movement you need to repeat that movement over and over. The most important thing is to press the keys with the correct fingers. Many people often ask how to type faster. They do not realize that they should focus on the correct usage of the keyboard. If you type correctly, you will program your muscles so that they do not make mistakes. In time, looking at the keyboard becomes superfluous and you acquire habits that will allow you to type faster.