Exam task - Single lesson
green, row, know, keep, seat, first, sing, married, girlfriend, grand, beautiful, gaffe, evidence, move, tire, imagine, open, success, served, these, wire, details, score, blue, hunt, smoke, neck, research, hunt, drag, guest, comparison, attach, the bone, victims, madness, terrible, to send, see, ride, felt, arrived, unique, trouble, street, low, deeply, black, atom, level, adjust, rule, impose, name, step back, policy, whenever, school, difficult, hear, entertainment, lucky, right, against, North, son, brain, letters, center, camera, noon, fight, rock, shell, imagine, bother, turned, could, want to, expense, return, since, wife, to arrive at, found, cop, occasion, wrote, came, resume, happiness, kid, verb, learn, slept, assures, details, beaten, prevent, military
Exam summary
attempt #1
attempt #2
speed ≥ goal
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