Fast touch typing exercise - Programming lesson: Bash

close and start typing

Bash is a command language and a Unix shell. It has been written for the GNU Project. It is widely used as a default shell for most Linux distributions.

Bash commands are typically written in a text shell, but a set of commands (a script) can be executed from a file.

When writing bash code it is very useful to use the tab key to complete a line of a given command automatically.

Bash can redirect standard output and standard error.

Unlike many programming languages, bash scripts use extensively square brackets instead of traditional brackets. A code block separator is a new line so typing in Bash may feel familiar to typing a script in Python.

It is very useful to type fast in Bash as its commands are used in everyday administrative work. To remember all the commands, it is better to type them instead of pasting them or executing a script. Usually, you type a short set of instructions or a single command in the command line so typing it on your own helps to remember Bash commands.