Fast touch typing exercise - Programming lesson: C#

close and start typing

C# (C-Sharp) is a general-purpose programming language. It was developed by Microsoft as a part of the .NET Framework.

C# resembles C and C++ programming languages. C# supports strongly typed variables. C# does not allow global functions or variables. C# uses namespaces that provide the same level of isolation as Java or C++ packages. Namespaces can be imported.

C# has a garbage collection mechanism that prevents memory leaks. It allows us to operate on memory address pointers but if you use this mechanism, it should be marked as unsafe.

C# similarly to Java is a language that is usually associated with big corporate projects.

If you want to type faster in C#, it could help you with your corporate career. Typing in C# does not feel much different than typing code in Java or C++. In C# code, there are tons of braces that separate blocks of code. If you want to learn typing in C-Sharp, you should use the C# lesson in AgileFingers at least from time to time to speed up your typing.