Fast touch typing exercise - Programming lesson: Java

close and start typing

This touch typing lesson will help you faster typing code in Java.

Java is a language that is especially liked by large companies. Generally, if a corporation has to handle a large enterprise project, it is likely to be created in Java.

Java uses curly braces to divide logical blocks of code. Semicolons finish statements. Probably the most common character in Java is a dot. It is used to access objects' properties and run objects' methods. Semicolon will end almost every line.

Java has a huge number of libraries. If you want to solve a problem in Java, it is almost certain that somebody has already solved it.

Java's virtual machine is used by various different languages like Scala or Groovy. Java grew a lot and now it is quite a complicated language, not a very good choice for starting an adventure with programming. Anyway, if you code in Java, it is always a great idea to learn to type the code faster in this language.