Typing lesson 11: Lessons 7 - 10

close and start typing

Typing lessons summary

This keyboard typing lesson teaches how to type the following characters: "r", "u", "t", "y", "w", "o", "q", "p".

Let me share some fun facts and thoughts regarding touch typing.

Touch typing learning beginnings

When beginning the path of touch typing, mastering the aspects of ten-finger typing and typing without looking at the keyboard can feel overwhelming. However, it is crucial to remember that consistent effort over time is the key to success. Do not be discouraged if, from your estimations, it should take you a year of daily exercises to attain proficiency. As in almost every field, you may hear about success stories of people who became typing masters in a few weeks. Even if they are authentic, comparing your progress to others can be counterproductive. Each person's starting point is unique, and the journey is yours. It is essential to understand that the effort invested in learning touch typing need not be massive. Instead of intensive typing marathon sessions, consider allocating 15-25 minutes daily to touch typing practice. This approach makes learning less daunting and paves the way for a gradual, almost costless progression. So, start with short keyboard typing practice sessions, be consequent, and watch your touch typing skills grow over time.