Typing lesson 25: Most common words 1 - 500

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Content of a typing lesson

This typing lesson is based on frequently used words, falling within the range of 1 - 500 in terms of common usage.

Let me share some fun facts and thoughts regarding touch typing.

Typing accents and using key combinations

In the typing world, accents play a pivotal role in accurately representing various languages. For instance, Spanish letters that contain accents, like the á or é, are indispensable for conveying the correct pronunciation and meaning of words. To type these accents, key combinations come to the rescue. You can effortlessly insert these diacritics by pressing the right combination of keys. However, accents are not exclusive to Spanish; many languages utilize them for clarity. In Portuguese, accents like é, ê, or ã are also created by combining an accent and a given letter. Key combinations are vastly used in languages containing thousands of symbols, e.g., Korean. Creating a syllable Hangul alphabet can be done by pressing a combination of several characters. Languages are very diverse, and their alphabets were not created with the thought of reflecting them on a keyboard. Hence, you need sometimes to be very patient when learning to type on a keyboard in a language that uses a complicated alphabet.