Typing lesson 26: Most common words 501 - 1000

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Content of a typing lesson

This typing lesson is based on frequently used words, falling within the range of 501 - 1000 in terms of common usage.

Let me share some fun facts and thoughts regarding touch typing.

Typing frequently used words

Typing frequently used words is crucial to improving your keyboard typing speed and accuracy. These common words are included in keyboard typing lessons because they constitute the backbone of a language's vocabulary. When you practice typing these words, you train your muscle memory to recognize and type them quickly and without errors. This process is akin to global reading, where you understand the meaning of a word by looking at it as a whole rather than focusing on individual letters. Take English, for instance, which contains over 170,000 words. Most English native speakers typically use around 15,000 to 20,000 word families. Learning variations of a word due to tenses, modes, cases, or persons still counts as one word in the same family. Effective language communication often hinges on knowing around a thousand of the most common word families, with a mere 800 words providing a 75 percent understanding of spoken language. By practicing touch typing on these eight hundred frequently used English words, you can master a substantial portion of the language. AgileFingers, with its 2000-word keyboard lessons, offers a convenient platform for honing your keyboard typing skills. Typing texts is even more engaging and reinforces your familiarity with commonly used words, as they naturally occur more frequently in written content.