Typing lesson 27: Most common words 1001 - 1500

close and start typing

Content of a typing lesson

This typing lesson is based on frequently used words, falling within the range of 1001 - 1500 in terms of common usage.

Let me share some fun facts and thoughts regarding touch typing.

Fast typing for content creators

Fast typing is an indispensable skill for content creators in today's digital landscape. While most of us are content consumers, scrolling through news articles, watching videos, or perusing social media, content creators are the driving force behind the online world. Unlike passive consumption, content creation requires active engagement with the keyboard, whether typing blog posts, creating articles, participating in online discussions, or crafting documents for work or personal use. For content creators, typing swiftly and accurately can make a difference. It's not just about the speed of keystrokes; it's about efficiency and focus. Typing without constantly glancing at the keyboard allows creators to seamlessly translate their thoughts into text, saving precious time and energy. Consider this: even if you don't identify as a traditional content creator, you're likely still engaged in content creation to some extent. Posting comments on social networks, participating in online forums, or composing emails and reports all involve typing. Every word you type contributes to content creation, even if it's not intended for public consumption. So, whether you're a seasoned content creator or simply using a keyboard for various tasks, fast typing is a skill worth honing.