Typing lesson 28: Most common words 1501 - 2000

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Content of a typing lesson

This typing lesson is based on frequently used words, falling within the range of 1501 - 2000 in terms of common usage.

Let me share some fun facts and thoughts regarding touch typing.

Gamification in learning touch typing

Gamification involves incorporating game-like elements into non-gaming contexts to boost motivation and commitment, and this concept is particularly effective in touch typing. One key component of the AgileFingers touch typing course is the concept of achievements. As you progress, you can set goals and strive to attain higher levels of typing speed. While reaching a new level doesn't mean that you were typing more slowly before, it is a visible marker of your keyboard proficiency, providing a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep improving your touch typing skills. The most apparent aspect of gamification in platforms like AgileFingers is integrating fast-typing games. These games depart from the traditional touch typing course, where repetitive keystrokes can sometimes become monotonous. Games have a unique ability to add an element of enjoyment to the learning experience. By transforming typing training into a fun and rewarding activity, these gamified approaches keep you engaged and associate keyboard mastery with joy rather than boredom.