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Lesson - fingers: index - inner - row 1

want, order, strongly, little, wins, temperature, pregnant, column, body, mother, transition, funding, other, suppose, cool, skin, catch, guests, leave, rose, sky, present, track, pretty, child, digital, boss, no, Staff, paint, arrive, approximately, accept, initiative, time, discovered, grand, often, customer, attach, depend, funding, science, lake, base, triangle, arrange, bar, ocean, sauce, gather, kept, points, roll, whose, know, sauce, rock, evaluate, comprises, dollar, lie, eat, late, to send, chart, loses, noun, implement, suicide, hill, garden, appear, quick, soldier, dress, paid, probable, play, say, government, gave, ideas, fantastic, heavy, aunt, land, prevent, advice, lose, enter, guys, king, second, fingers, chief, teeth, parking, emergency, green

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