Typing practice - lesson 13

close and start typing

This is the first lesson of the touch typing course that concern numeric characters. You may think that it makes no sense to learn how to type these characters faster, because despite the fact that they are on the keyboard almost on a pedestal - in the highest row, when typing a text we usually use them rarely.

But are numeric characters really used so rarely? There are professions that use the upper row of the keyboard very intensively. All professions related to banking and accounting require continuous entering of numbers. Some people do this using the numeric keyboard on the right, but some keyboards do not even have such a separate part, e.g. Apple laptops have abandoned a separate numeric keyboard part.

For programmers, the use of numbers is also something common, but more common when typing is for them to use the characters "-", "+", "=", "#", or "_" etc. It is possible that on your keyboard some of these characters are not on the first row of the keyboard, but on keyboards for most Latin languages this will most probably be the case.

However, if you are neither a programmer, nor an accountant, nor a representative of another profession, in which numbers or special characters are often used, should you learn how to type, for example, "%" or "#"? Of course. If you practice fast typing lessons one after another and you reached this lesson, why would you give up? Do it right. Learn touch typing once and for all. You won't regret it if in the end you will type quickly and correctly.