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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: index - inner - row 1

lived, prospect, death, housing, kiss, space, dog, sauce, hear, attach, caught, boy, were, see, same, lead, suffix, travel, open, ordinary, station, my, thousand, down, quote, picture, tell, speed, planet, previously, the, bring, receive, end, brown, ice, importance, to fart, exposure, for, fit, chris, zero, fraction, same, farewell, cut, usual, reason, before, boat, look, women, once, ghost, join, our, favor, chord, hello, lake, following, beat, problem, game, zero, draw, commission, note, better, girl, wing, dance, to choose, water, cat, he, motion, sleep, arrived, surprise, say, main, repeat, say, belongs, tall, meat, atom, hot, cent, me, track, guess, habit, come back, future, green, sudden, shall

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