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Lesson - fingers: index - inner - row 1

with, easy, seat, able, bone, job, touch, nervous, Keywords, refuse, sign, present, dance, find, seriously, took, call, manufacturer, white, continue, address, served, father, say, called, forest, window, sing, imagine, wonder, person, shots, Saturday, sand, jump, square, head, blood, sleep, leg, camp, figure, game, description, season, fit, could, against, count, hole, Venus, meanwhile, kill, better, flesh, toss, desert, row, boat, courage, church, quits, nature, among, vessel, machine, team, land, smell, space, order, mean, help, purchase, product, method, similar, found, exchange, deal, is holding, name, depends, enemy, single, fraction, opponent, portion, is, order, beseech, happiness, gone, space, zero, important, state, dry, choose, meet

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