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Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 1

heap, some, which, word, wife, hey, lesson, took, beaten, distribution, vary, method, monster, speaking, ball, air, station, plain, living room, need, shalt, mass, finds, lead, beer, land, milk, agree, territory, arrange, had, allowed, whenever, instrument, nice to meet you, star, high, disease, feed, code, river, try, gather, through, cow, stupid, enemy, silent, useless, tea, send, above, order, imagine, serve, had, shock, program, existence, round, treasure, ever, star, big, old, lead, attach, death, practical, post, seat, new, found, ten, pay, clear, private, noise, substance, energy, killer, point, go, rain, contact, taking, swim, caught, bank, space, to choose, thief, long, smile, fed up, could, witness, racial, had, press

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