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Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 1

numerous, offer, special, or, rock, serves, sight, team, necessary, eye, bone, usual, search, part, figure, degree, policy, does, smoke, sign, advice, passage, liquid, lose, carry, flow, pay, think, ball, why, force, rose, pair, hazard, sail, fish, step, beautiful, life, beauty, over, green, has, military, mine, tough, purchase, world, iron, victims, jump, angel, worry, fit, fundamental, got, found, theater, Friday, stay, monitor, search, immediate, melody, hassle, ice, train, result, complete, animals, middle, face, reflect, block, inspire, recover, machine, retire, formal, planet, plans, details, inspire, century, search, section, river, desert, Wall, not allowed, followed, nervous, to arrive at, champion, his, cause, present, killed, carry, high

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