Typing practice - lesson 19

close and start typing

This is the last lesson of the touch typing course. We summarize the top row of the keyboard. This is undoubtedly the most difficult fast typing lesson. Think that, fortunately, further lessons will be about specific words, so if you had a traumatic experience learning the typing techniques by repeatedly clicking on the keyboard of the same character and you're fed up with touch typing, and maybe you no longer want to type without looking at the keyboard ... calm down, it's over.

Why is learning in general so difficult, not to say boring? There are various interesting things that you can learn, e.g. rules of a computer or a board game. This is interesting. If that example is too trivial, let's say programming is interesting. It's a fact that programming is interesting but it can be frustrating as well. However, I see a big difference here. Programming itself can be a hobby. Other activities in front of the computer screen associated with typing can also be an goal in themselves.

On the other hand, typing on the keyboard is not something that can be considered a hobby. It's just a tool for doing something else. You can challenge yourself, but still fast typing is not a passion you can talk about to your friends with passion and excitement.

If learning to type without looking at the keyboard is boring for you, this is not something extraordinary or something that should be worried about. Try to find something interesting about the process of learning. If the lessons are too boring, try typing more texts. The texts have been chosen so that they are as interesting as possible. Good luck!