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Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 1

cry, monitor, inch, stead, job, person, will, opposite, experience, about, honest, few, say, dictionary, passion, married, feed, album, doors, than, point, tall, seat, difficult, feed, victims, only, length, would, participation, mine, Venus, cop, Queen, occupied, came, to touch, heavy, size, time, quits, clear, rooms, then, destiny, ball, think, mix, boot, mouth, sign, group, leave, holidays, round, wife, hat, jump, animal, followed, don't, slide, nature, power, just, engine, born, answer, couple, sign, basic, way, end, locate, roof, pull, some, drop, know, inspector, like, sister, put, to receive, stream, pack, throat, some, steel, meant, me, late, steal, sat, beautiful, base, shoes, hole, present, reality

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