Texts - touch typing exercise Lessons - touch typing course

close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 2

sheriff, distant, instant, gasoline, were, condition, paradise, white, wire, alex, ice, great, whole, hand, prove, loud, gold, year, certainly, seriously, tension, should, double, pass, members, roof, stars, poached, target, gave, window, direct, think, see, box, and, call, serve, mostly, saying, newspapers, thing, crime, would, school, recover, beseech, among, zero, nature, broad, veteran, elect, emphasis, boys, hey, show, very, river, lieutenant, interest, far, primarily, parking, planet, disorder, sail, space, move, based, tea, back, entry, increasing, doors, watched, against, it, among, prevent, fill, such, again, universe, speed, best, work, served, soft, count, car, based, recover, prevent, Staff, century, violent, step back, class, huge

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