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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 2

veteran, housing, choose, hear, self, feel, listing, chris, fell, ideas, nor, move, lack, priority, marry, clinic, guards, house, leading, necessary, car, case, during, first, illustrate, served, hat, quits, superb, double, shout, illness, middle, substance, found, good, lied, problem, victim, sea, about, killer, superb, visible, skin, new, discipline, slip, figure, gap, touch, atom, Keywords, where, legs, bone, resistance, huge, grand, system, ever, ball, flat, sold, supply, parent, contract, number, finish, lieutenant, create, listen, joke, pair, cycle, usual, road, ship, foundation, territory, destroy, represent, mayor, slave, car, ground, pleasant, refuse, negotiation, work, majesty, will come back, shape, talk, inspector, desert, leg, die, sand, know

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