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Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 2

band, found, but, fear, coast, except, Pierre, approach, coalition, married, opposite, row, roof, race, wait, trade, album, bet, transfer, important, details, train, were, molecule, cute, meters, open, prove, paradise, tickets, drive, lover, Wall, faith, see, cinema, wonderful, music, genius, shout, outside, rich, even, stream, guide, mount, danger, look, poor, slept, least, married, latest, here, object, contain, milk, human, lost, strengths, stick, fly, large, bar, product, too, black, live, behind, folder, served, director, cooked, United, modern, field, track, capital, turn, perhaps, answer, seat, pay, discover, becomes, gun, emergency, toss, airline, duck, increasing, shock, cat, dollar, iron, character, happen, length, meters, title

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