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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 2

it, will pass, order, change, spread, charge, subject, fire, remember, bus, ordinary, to receive, the, to offer, bend, thousand, hat, bone, shop, brothers, friend, equate, wall, long, most, saying, ordinary, travel, expense, share, allow, boy, send, wins, midnight, competitive, women, equal, station, right, forced, paid, death, still, alcohol, same, experiment, receive, prepare, past, served, bank, village, list, distribution, scream, pipe, type, little, stand, bought, gentle, ago, machine, shalt, knife, neighbor, count, say again, apple, teeth, they, married, country, smile, this, point, kids, cents, racing, afraid, reasons, pick, refuse, solution, usual, moment, smile, coat, raise, throws, streets, though, run away, power, slim, member, determine, could, cycle

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