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Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 3

urge, molecule, horse, win, picture, previously, far, go, third, race, held, brought, don't, dogs, their, move, fruit, destroy, third, steal, listen, listen, some, original, thousands, send, ask, beauty, attach, sauce, smoke, arm, prefer, over, arrange, supposed, crucial, post, hum, therapy, know, rose, intention, catch, pose, lesser, stone, colony, human, movies, able, latest, present, lesson, front, cooked, twenty, order, correct, bone, stars, justice, page, violence, what, comparison, cloud, come, returned, hat, front, sergeant, thrown, metal, station, board, past, but, know, stop, black, all, plural, sudden, job, fight, loved, condition, set, military, pressure, cousin, la France, happy, memory, could, blue, paid, full, genius

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