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Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 3

campaign, accept, tourist, shout, had, roll, pleasant, fortune, man, won't, can, multiply, bread, feeling, monster, returned, artist, flesh, matter, charming, rose, window, quiet, useless, sentence, balls, baby, trade, destroy, holy, tea, throw, Entrance, negotiation, day, figure, it, letter, wave, exit, joke, certainly, angel, son, serve, same, boyfriend, beauty, sail, teach, drop, quart, select, album, cause, suit, description, district, put, show, several, news, newspaper, work, rarely, sign, organ, to receive, floor, mostly, most, wood, couple, common, numerous, experiment, presence, would, race, broken, cinema, rest, airline, sugar, short, press, formal, foundation, map, sky, contract, sheriff, supposed, natural, open, adjust, lay, found, means, count

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