Typing practice - lesson 4

close and start typing

It's time to summarize the first part of the touch typing course. Have you mastered the most important keyboard row of keys? We will see. But don't worry, don't put too much pressure on yourself. Fast typing is not something that should be associated with tiring effort. It reduces effort connected with typing. Don't let your subconscious associate the process of learning keyboard typing with something that is unpleasant. Why am I warning against it?

Studying at school is often of little interest to students. It is not their fault. How can you blame someone for having negative feelings for something? Of course, we can work on our own emotions and feelings, but hardly anyone is able to do it effectively.

Learging touch typing should be acquired gradually, without stress. If think that you type too slowly, don't worry. Over time, you'll learn to type faster. It's a matter of time. You may need more time than others to do it correctly, but it does not mean something is wrong with you.

Returning to the fourth touch typing lesson, we have a summary here. There will be more keyboard keys to master. Do not rush. When learning, it is important to type correctly, not quickly. Speed will come later as a consequence of your actions. When you stop thinking about which keyboard key you should press, when your muscles are directed to the right key, you just start to type faster.