Texts - touch typing exercise Lessons - touch typing course

close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 4

evaluation, shock, to pose, fire, fundamental, town, the, current, go, care, syllable, steel, henceforth, land, double, band, stream, party, commander, wait, instant, walk, event, winter, assures, discuss, paint, write, ghost, double, miss, paint, French, corner, baby, say, side, brother, smile, energy, equate, injured, throw, is, note, broad, volunteer, problem, clothe, receive, spring, test, prepare, close, foot, populate, initiative, resolve, Pierre, cry, caught, print, speaking, smile, saw, popular, broken, cousin, appear, pass, shoot, during, wood, would, nor, bomb, entry, knowledge, transition, care, dance, stream, ten, gather, portion, chopped off, layer, wild, safe, king, inspire, present, tree, few, crowd, removes, whenever, will, wait, skill

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start typing!