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Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 4

very, bed, to pose, push, opposite, degree, iron, girl, or, planning, part, serve, angel, deeply, fast, original, nervous, prospect, same, stop, fantastic, suppose, teach, spending, experience, bar, sell, go, make, gentle, coalition, young, ridiculous, ensure, number, unit, river, suicide, verb, skip, king, slide, witness, old, sharp, code, ball, all, include, brother, perhaps, prove, bomb, final, please, brothers, resolve, remains, to repair, current, frankly, show, wear, perhaps, show, safe, full, key, those, customers, eat, stop, soon, apparently, to fart, engine, band, cat, kiss, wall, sky, field, game, fairly, substance, island, thank, promise, witness, appreciate, pitch, short, direct, chest, chicken, throat, glad, protect, side, freedom

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