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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 4

still, important, wash, black, prove, station, series, adjust, in use, might, followed, steel, down, green, ears, first, elect, mountain, campaign, free, assassin, reply, white, fall, direct, member, justice, match, whenever, description, van, let's talk, these, then, bad, tell, art, test, fortune, begin, knowledge, room, releases, by, joke, comprises, cow, show, milk, court, memories, wall, area, offer, victims, champion, album, full, witness, like, year, agree, human, horses, stand, get, glad, ]total, wish, match, blow, retirement, smile, is, turned, error, west, sound, charles, element, two, bought, dance, test, glad, is, wide, reply, least, law, present, fingers, believe, allowed, cooked, create, glad, chord, experience, corn

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