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Lesson - fingers: index, middle, ring, little - row 4

during, quote, belongs, hey, they, contract, rich, better, slave, chest, angeles, content, wash, luck, arm, becomes, supposed, it, felt, eye, guide, weight, add, next, tube, screw, possible, winter, setting, length, discovery, prefer, reply, had, victims, straight, fun, answer, finds, fundamental, might, dogs, bird, reply, picture, project, contract, month, dated, done, fact, vowel, art, through, slave, like, an, told, leave, act, ever, opposite, eye, ever, bus, skin, also, breath, just, favor, during, syllable, morning, station, constantly, would, solve, prepare, Asian, write, soldiers, especially, hot, tie, tough, mayor, outside, anger, it, dear, involvement, previously, born, making, serve, transportation, verb, think, until, soft

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