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Lesson - fingers: index - row 1

hello, tickets, speech, selected, listen, investigator, thousand, piece, description, anger, began, exact, deal, witness, computer, passage, forest, against, seem, during, own, shadow, problem, fortune, answer, trial, answered, apparatus, several, stick, prospect, screw, neighbor, special, method, juice, looking, bullets, intense, defend, ideas, cards, enable, interest, while, fit, rooms, dramatic, receive, value, number, ad, flowers, alex, lesson, those, all, pity, store, creature, has, factory, discovered, her, Saturday, west, chair, call, cap, juice, share, turn, thrown, dress, full, sleep, food, were, product, relationship, plane, racial, king, correct, bus, huge, spot, entertainment, toss, touch, phase, feel, also, remember, hurry, push, foreign, held, best, want to

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