Fast touch typing exercise - lesson 14

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We go arduously through the next touch typing lesson. Typing numeric characters and special characters on the keyboard is not so easy, but you can do it!

... Byt maybe before you start typing on the keyboard, you'd rather make a cup of tea? Maybe you'd rather fist have a look at your friend's profile on one of social networks? You've just received a notification that someone added a comment to your post. You must check it…

These are distractions that interfere not only with learning to type faster on the keyboard, but with learning anything else, at work, in what is less pleasant than this distractor.

When I studied on a university of technology, my attention was often distracted. Unfortunately, we often learn things that are not interesting. However, the day only has 24 hours and you won't change it. I remember the exam session coming up, and I thought then that I had to learn more systematically, because now I have to master all subjects. These are not nice memories.

Fortunately, learning to type without looking at the keyboard is not like learning at school or at a univeristy. Maybe you have different feelings because you are a student who was asked to do AgileFingers exercises. However, what distinguishes learning how to type faster is that this skill will be useful to you in your whole life, it is useful today, it will be tomorrow and in 5 years. Learning to master the keyboard is not the same as memorizing how reproduction of a Scots pine works - something that will never be useful to you unless you become a forester.

But how to deal with distractors? You sit in front of the computer screen learning touch typing. There are a lot of things that can distract you from learning how to type faster. Try to mute notifications while learning, maybe set a timer for example 20 minutes and during this time focus only on learning to type on the keyboard.

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