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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: index - row 1

ball, plug, iron, came, wanted, create, church, value, justice, in, rest, accept, seconds, arrange, sad, leave, arrived, prove, retire, lucky, draw, dog, doors, crazy, fraction, to touch, say, season, right, method, skin, find, return, garden, since, protect, visible, belly, strong, meet, bird, sale, use, land, temperature, judge, couple, wrong, to send, cow, able, dear, child, river, inform, madness, build, dogs, forest, over, country, clear, stolen, value, window, conversation, else, fresh, cents, claim, is, study, event, terrible, arrived, close, seem, tie, prosecutor, anger, towards, bought, tree, usual, great, floor, balls, policy, arrangement, match, appear, holy, add, watch, angeles, print, Entrance, hat, voice, perfectly

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