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Lesson - fingers: index - row 1

human, doing, nervous, space, negotiation, government, show, position, glass, command, fall, school, print, nine, seriously, subtract, since, midnight, speaking, direction, computer, boot, in, certainly, war, bread, rich, teeth, happy, brought, charming, book, code, tired, eye, battle, play, warm, bird, fear, zero, meters, teach, section, through, weight, guest, say, salt, flowers, territory, kiss, useless, kind, system, breath, close, five, rain, develop, sound, observe, look, silver, or, necessary, holy, up, type, learn, malignant, sit, state, famous, cost, ready, return, expense, rich, log, ten, beer, column, cover, same, military, bring, seven, brought, pregnant, guide, go on, metal, follow, folder, nervous, meat, string, wire, unable

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