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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: index - row 2

exchange, slip, castle, key, transition, rich, among, together, lake, test, mean, code, removes, thing, fast, hurry, wrote, make, team, United, therapy, thousands, join, wire, safe, colony, cause, choose, four, hit, hunt, among, gentle, hat, clothe, wonder, dated, north, anger, inform, paper, able, third, loses, fit, pipe, at once, and, some, return, test, smell, million, try, single, even, observe, sale, off, seem, more, sound, drank, newspapers, fact, rock, game, liquid, shirt, brief, problem, war, shop, ladies, mother, of, our, iron, final, board, plane, score, ghost, knowledge, expecting, accounts, expecting, experiment, difficult, house, take a dump, major, wonderful, wall, back, guest, thousand, doing, fish, try

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