Typing practice - lesson 1

close and start typing

Let's start the touch typing course. The core course consists of a series of lessons that practice the ability towrite the appropriate characters with proper fingers. These lessons have no restrictions based on blocking a given lesson, if you don't finish the previous or similar mechanisms. Everyone is different, learns with different pace and has a different view on learning. I don't want to impose anything on you. The lessons, however, suggest a sequence of exercises. We'll start with the basic keyboard row - the one that contains 2 keys with bumps.

This is the first lesson of the keyboard typing course. Don't be surprised that instead of words, there are single characters such as "ffff jjjj" in this lesson. You need to get your fingers used to clicking the given keys with the correct fingers. There is no other way to learn to type without looking at the keyboard. You need to get used your muscles to the correct movement.

Notice that the keys in the center of the keyboard (in most keyboard layouts these are the "J" and "F" keys) have bumps. Before typing, you should initially rest your index fingers on these keys. Base position is the position of your hands when you are not typing, because for example you have a temporary stop in typing or you are just preparing to type.

This is the easiest lesson because we use index fingers. These fingers are used naturally for typing, actually, by every person typing on the keyboard. In English, typing with two index fingers is called "pecking". This lesson to type the way everyone is used to. Later it will get more difficult. For now, let's get to "pecking".