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Lesson - fingers: index - row 3

pair, Friday, order, seconds, caught, powerful, count, sat, single, end, industry, iron, allowed, pleasant, new, value, under, mayor, battle, verb, planet, hears, forest, in love, art, iron, big, finally, employer, low, voice, uses, sale, raise, try, son, coalition, planning, drawn, trip, amazing, elsewhere, setting, meet, similar, bank, immediate, mouth, reduction, pretty, prefer, passion, happen, school, lieutenant, housing, when, prefer, office, destiny, special, knees, organ, disorder, terrible, last, officer, sleep, found, enemy, kids, middle, quick, fell, paid, numerous, event, since, differ, chord, describe, Sunday, control, finger, result, join, delighted, flesh, alcohol, farm, seat, hassle, cold, wife, her, poached, say, father, check, record

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