Typing practice - lesson 9

close and start typing

Learning to type faster, without looking at the keyboard reaches the next stage. You have to master the next row of keys of your keyboard. This is another lesson focused on the keys pressed by the index fingers. At the same time, this is the first lesson that deals with the lowest row of alphanumeric keyboard keys.

For most keyboards, the lowest row of keys has the smallest number of keyboard keys. Pressing these keys requires slightly more effort than in case of the keys in the higher rows. Pressing the keys from the lowest row requires bending the finger. Your wrists should be fairly unmoved, and the arms should not be moved when typing. This can be troublesome for people with long nails. Sometimes it is an annoying feeling when you press a key from the lowest row of the keyboard and you need to press it with your fingertip, but you do it with your fingernail. However, I would not advise someone to cut their nails to type faster or not to use nail tips.

Let's get to the lesson. Remember to focus, calm and be patient. This attitude will help you type quickly.