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Lesson - fingers: index - row 4

against, eat, seen, self, numerous, occur, found, vowel, move, monster, to avoid, square, hears, thousand, engineering, bone, action, down, blue, hello, princess, excellent, take, money, simple, poached, entertainment, to pose, also, allow, slide, log, again, names, round, strengths, shalt, temperature, look, except, roof, settle, lie, magnet, engine, knew, dog, zero, require, capable, magnet, dance, gold, ice, again, come, stood, factory, voice, double, log, again, please, duck, passion, rest, university, man, uses, jacket, dollar, article, foreign, sentence, gaffe, wish, hey, several, from, types, quote, view, disaster, coalition, bathroom, verb, operate, opponent, preserve, called, occasion, think, grown up, took, nation, North, practice, letters, note, dear

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