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Lesson - fingers: index - row 4

tourist, it, emphasis, asked, saving, seem, grand, family, beaten, since, ear, substance, beaten, less, kind, hour, suit, do, cross, movies, dominate, please, great, understand, loud, quotient, military, begin, planet, pot, believes, side, discover, investigation, invent, reason, gap, position, twin, long, becomes, this, truck, do, on, dead, important, interest, village, won't, doctor, pass, world, card, suit, memories, young, fat, pitch, breathe, apartment, finger, funny, operate, beat, dictionary, reasons, tire, remember, will, future, circle, bad, down, rest, delighted, like, most, defense, housing, they, fast, feels, thought, hit, dog, decimal, create, seat, noun, eye, rub, following, what, kind, trip, drop, deal, bar, cut

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