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Lesson - fingers: little - inner - row 1

ground, expense, wrote, half, wire, tickets, fairly, thin, fill, hot, thank, state, smile, meters, substance, fine, order, chicken, appreciate, nature, create, end, elect, track, office, equally, bar, intention, member, normal, make, saved, advance, blue, substance, stop, forced, still, answer, holidays, deal, universe, listing, poached, got, apparently, look, surprise, numeral, copy, brief, fly, remember, poor, offer, courage, wing, suggest, suit, plane, low, color, arrange, role, million, very, bad, separate, said, north, drink, find, son, rub, fruit, thought, rule, hill, control, able, fun, like, evidence, need, to receive, suit, chief, exact, original, color, cop, numerous, living room, video, aunt, occupied, born, dress, chart, rarely

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