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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: little - inner - row 1

officer, description, members, laugh, forest, yet, injured, great, missile, ocean, planet, parent, sheriff, village, forest, next, point, target, song, hidden, season, raise, throw, pair, apartment, mystery, age, material, eat, her, shout, point, noise, hide, well, other, eye, would, malignant, fact, answered, zero, crowd, felt, twenty, to pose, able, human, came, fortune, following, gentle, operate, rest, radio, page, definition, reflect, numerous, set, track, best, river, country, fat, now, work, path, action, choose, gather, draw, French, perceive, thin, baby, unit, bought, catch, wild, trip, interested, loud, are, garden, value, guess, ocean, solve, following, human, far, order, speaking, born, point, begin, bankrupt, raise, success

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