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Lesson - fingers: little - row 1

dollar, current, throw, size, wood, victim, bend, pose, alex, solve, ago, meal, no, ball, paid, pose, thought, supply, planning, skin, ad, wedding, investigation, is holding, vessel, noon, finger, hear, crime, surface, looking, based, ice, range, push, keep, mostly, mother, build, full, to send, transportation, third, grew, run, body, boot, ten, chief, wish, long, games, hidden, shall, movies, cow, truck, juice, feet, poverty, philosophy, score, connect, line, presence, married, ball, observe, clothe, housing, white, tube, normal, south, nature, dollar, destroy, quite, near, appear, front, town, seated, prefer, care, melody, possible, five, transform, description, can, forest, gave, means, many, bath, recover, enforcement, an, birth

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