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Lesson - fingers: little - row 1

towards, conversation, move, ground, were, million, order, evaluate, low, order, pleasant, deserve, bet, sauce, both, start, comprises, start, receive, black, such, how, mayor, wrote, special, door, bet, face, have, way, wire, of, tea, stand, bring, young, lover, prevent, west, cell, rich, alcohol, box, watched, career, spoke, cow, right, man, Monday, la France, sign, letters, hello, milk, smith, to fart, add, rather, show, is holding, bell, earth, pick, began, military, job, necessary, glad, cap, vary, again, don't, river, broad, huge, system, tourist, military, early, instant, in love, took, pitch, investigator, industry, broken, to avoid, teeth, wide, deeply, la France, green, widely, woman, ordinary, guide, egg, snow, rock

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