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Lesson - fingers: little - row 1

charge, lily, strongly, dry, sugar, courage, heap, games, found, arm, break, hour, computer, open, tickets, nothing, window, high, art, care, delighted, while, so, thank, soldier, imagine, your, paradise, move, planned, trial, crucial, board, more, clothing, government, crop, beseech, his, approach, day, ear, angel, facts, missile, locate, here, this, attach, very, amusing, lucky, steel, which, layer, stick, computer, note, happiness, division, sat, plain, especially, to pose, kid, destroy, bad, where, brown, shalt, thing, show, pack, boyfriend, horrible, surgery, near, crucial, reply, neighbor, tablespoon, reason, lied, solution, suppose, definition, feel, disaster, told, lake, step, cat, test, joint, atmosphere, road, spending, finger, making, takes

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