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Lesson - fingers: little - row 2

constantly, care, speech, receive, pretty, small, tail, in use, soldier, rock, pick, served, offer, suit, cinema, broken, gone, stop, udder, chick, answered, promise, corner, boot, style, answer, accept, certain, present, computer, perceive, inform, value, suggest, car, wife, sing, joy, thousand, high, streets, approach, such, second, new, expense, five, let, but, speaking, grand, universe, bathroom, so, surgery, low, lead, wing, stop, product, boyfriend, customer, towards, so, concentrate, class, transition, ordinary, sight, skin, beach, chest, ground, speech, energy, reset, assures, to kiss, anger, did, chick, know, solution, facts, perhaps, say, degree, claim, suicide, philosophy, details, rail, band, other, constant, wire, often, collect, the bone, slow

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