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Lesson - fingers: little - row 2

chart, grew, table, advice, mile, which, gene, rarely, move, advance, guilty, crop, shell, were, rest, steam, sad, night, balls, phase, what, arrive, ear, hat, live, smile, territory, cost, substance, bar, fast, competitive, class, glad, period, making, nor, short, program, stay, say, tall, strong, climb, alex, put, exactly, poached, zero, inform, vowel, we, very, ridiculous, ground, king, roof, self, save, east, third, band, pose, took, island, us, number, below, rise, break, believes, tale, bad, nature, poem, old, cause, verb, part, package, well, implement, note, copy, ocean, industry, copy, supply, tell, wife, tail, wide, interested, charles, value, different, fine, stand, bad, ball

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