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Lesson - fingers: little - row 3

fish, farm, food, secrets, problem, hundred, hunt, length, despite, very, product, vary, animals, sugar, ride, layer, full, soft, pattern, airline, spring, tone, an, subtract, it, hit, surgery, shoe, might, family, rarely, doctor, approach, same, hide, page, column, speaking, save, to repair, garden, dictionary, beseech, program, million, machine, were, discuss, forward, first, amuse, great, broken, hide, hurry, train, knife, blue, side, meet, points, sharp, turn, departure, sale, power, woman, ever, fresh, return, memories, round, strange, quart, leg, enforcement, details, nature, for, field, begin, noon, surface, ask, column, offer, chip, immediate, row, unique, believes, letters, formal, in use, inform, tea, why, lived, wind, table

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