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Lesson - fingers: little - row 3

surprise, problem, raise, wonder, agree, even, person, shall, couple, uses, enemy, similar, test, would, serve, sacred, involvement, spoke, smell, organ, long, plans, garden, breathe, wide, test, violence, sleep, material, sense, top, hot, at once, mean, style, apparently, sail, east, seen, shoe, fat, finish, leave, don't, figure, magnet, priority, second, coat, answer, winter, racing, track, either, mountain, shots, tension, box, when, farm, suppose, save, new, come, break, always, existence, plural, rest, usual, he, result, slept, must, ridiculous, fantastic, reset, talent, ever, article, mountain, trade, base, call, adjust, figure, wife, temperature, means, tire, strong, let's talk, space, door, smoke, knife, yard, recounts, ad, list

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