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Lesson - fingers: little - row 4

enforcement, noun, relationship, put, military, try, state, emphasis, elect, power, cotton, tiny, distant, temperature, iron, brought, engine, fresh, few, plug, return, rest, know, book, manufacturer, news, conversation, spoke, help, certain, open, end, lay, product, therapy, during, first, operate, metal, black, some, illness, show, vary, fashion, bird, begin, udder, happen, happiness, in use, electric, glad, copy, round, feel, drug, suit, cover, hidden, neck, flower, blinded, we, race, fall, sale, hand, snow, character, character, allowed, slip, double, noise, wait, from, term, resume, expense, sheet, probable, those, meters, relationship, instrument, assassin, carry, initiative, fear, contact, return, great, decide, terrible, pressure, object, champion, car, stone

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