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Lesson - fingers: little - row 4

symbol, driveway, money, got, quote, papers, happy, flat, finger, tree, whether, hum, cross, just, such, aunt, to prepare, guest, rather, even, real, every, column, tell, court, creature, he, request, Friday, certain, gaffe, negotiation, bad, sail, wide, science, Monday, thank, movies, corner, cool, solve, liked, were, bar, interesting, French, temperature, plan, an, marry, natural, holidays, very, design, home, preserve, delighted, lily, man, face, iron, rise, about, appreciate, man, paradise, give, congressional, shots, multiply, five, types, seen, job, adjust, prepare, among, left, take a dump, up, visible, some, nothing, seen, means, second, ice, settle, library, track, public, future, scream, club, clothe, will, sand, we, exact

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