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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: little - row 4

involvement, try, true, employer, soon, field, top, Staff, paint, for, pair, eye, band, made, there, score, saving, field, region, pose, care, drop, fraction, assassin, same, had, adjust, reason, fill, bad, among, brown, tall, spear, independence, drank, prefer, king, deserve, product, also, north, suit, courage, wait, girl, save, practical, clinic, Pierre, provide, campaign, surprised, risks, rights, very, turned, village, shoes, mouse, opposite, print, collect, or, post, train, priest, hit, dead, soldier, discovered, tickets, dead, boys, cloud, system, paid, describe, what, roof, gas, yard, broken, round, fashion, history, tell, games, broken, garden, busy, lose, fairly, take off, pick, fear, star, enhance, clean, former

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