Typing practice - lesson 11

close and start typing

This is the last touch typing lesson that concerns letters. The keyboard for most languages has a dot, a question mark and slash on the right. These are special characters that are very often used when typing, so this lesson is very important.

In this lesson description I would like to mention keyboard wrist rest pad. Some keyboards are quite high. This applies especially to mechanical keyboards. Not only fast typing, but any typing is associated with the fact that without a good wrist rest, we often have to keep them in the air. This is very uncomfortable in the long run. When using a laptop, which is now the most common device with a physical keyboard, there is no problem with the lack of a pad. However, there is another matter. However, there is another with a laptop. If its touchpad is large, you can sometimes touch it with your hands as you type. It forces you to lift hands that have nothing to lean on if you don't wanto to rest them on the laptop's touchpad.

So, as you can see, typing on the keyboard is multifaceted. We learn the same skills, hardware issues, keyboard layouts for a given language, various key layouts. And now I invite you to work, the next lesson of touch typing is waiting for you.