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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: middle, ring - row 2

mostly, made, discover, spear, hero, courage, organ, came, call, stream, drive, consciousness, town, brothers, stay, by, knife, bean, dance, quotient, prove, degree, creature, arrive, crease, returned, down, crucial, order, true, land, fortune, England, require, portion, drink, wife, chief, seriously, society, necessary, broke, rain, surgery, factory, care, arrived, instrument, to avoid, cover, see, metal, oil, pound, evening, pitch, agenda, forest, game, born, doors, company, open, man, danger, enemies, marketing, minute, provide, black, hair, electric, apple, steal, reply, fall, news, fraction, funny, tale, enemies, horse, by, bottle, strongly, talk, air, past, exit, visible, clock, present, like, fly, drank, bring, prince, despite, must, mind

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