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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: middle, ring - row 2

first, online, method, substance, perfectly, hassle, contact, injured, long, belongs, low, double, very, contract, him, character, useful, vowel, wave, wrong, direction, see, style, common, soon, experiment, pass, tension, sale, language, present, sale, summer, ensure, memory, depend, chris, hey, difficult, could, broken, busy, set, stories, group, while, season, rail, race, exercise, can, jump, found, major, wide, law, pressure, justice, use, happy, latest, pilot, alcohol, enemies, was, surgery, watch, henceforth, money, low, dark, live, especially, fat, old, cake, smith, music, luck, library, bit, course, call, balls, test, winter, key, see, bird, her, throat, happy, remaining, instant, military, ground, director, double, customer, thousand

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