Typing practice - lesson 2

close and start typing

To type on the keyboard in this lesson, we use the middle and ring fingers of both the left and right hands. If you want to type faster, you need to use for typing also your fingers other than your index fingers.

This lesson is harder than the previous one, but it's still the basic keyboard row. When you place your index fingers on the keys with the bumps, middle fingers, ring fingers and small fingers are arranged on the following keys in line.

As we mentioned in the first lesson, almost everyone who types on the keyboard uses index fingers for typing. Those who still type incorrectly, often use one more finger: the middle finger or the ring finger. However, you will learn to type correctly with all ten fingers.

Place your fingers in the base position. As you type, you don't actually have to take them off the keys on which they lie. However, don't take this statement literally. The fingers should be above the appropriate keys, they do not need to touch to them literally. Typing should be comfortable.