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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: middle, ring - row 3

thought, before, potato, your, full, pressure, except, meant, teeth, far, size, mean, violent, transfer, study, plant, angeles, round, row, ticket, drop, give, to pose, princess, free, when, broad, time, allow, except, science, stolen, appear, window, seven, towards, great, level, creature, melody, open, exactly, old, full, pick, certain, sung, seriously, style, figure, funny, speech, color, find, special, during, house, wrote, arrive, finger, finish, whether, surface, remember, change, inspector, cute, glass, machine, stream, dog, wake, excuse, too, women, third, customers, fresh, guest, exit, turn, house, opportunity, require, play, build, wall, arrive, usual, sheriff, hears, factory, laugh, page, immediate, sense, end, late, post, mix

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