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Lesson - fingers: middle, ring - row 4

clock, lived, big, king, main, rope, foundation, ice, proud, saw, cop, eye, is holding, sense, know, served, belongs, problem, defend, arrange, factory, pay, vary, library, paragraph, excite, bat, control, hit, divide, happy, gasoline, fat, anger, sand, Odour, zoned, factory, chick, catch, mount, third, truck, broad, then, suicide, safe, seat, ever, event, together, to touch, married, require, phase, bird, soldiers, count, listen, new, married, early, found, cost, lesser, marry, must, place, child, van, seat, consistent, gold, bad, wish, taste, invent, hand, university, selection, full, box, time, marry, simple, measure, video, held, surprise, well, compare, pair, killed, degree, sheriff, suppose, potato, sides, wrote, eye

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