Fast touch typing exercise - lesson 10

close and start typing

Learning to type fast is not so difficult, is it? The course is halfway through. Let's get to learning. This time the course is again in one of the most difficult stages. You have to master tping with four fingers of your both hands: middle fingers and ring fingers. In most keyboard layouts, the lesson will also apply to punctuation marks such as periods and commas. These are very important signs, so stay focused this lesson.

We have lessons on all keyboard keys that when pressed generate a character, but each lesson also includes using the spacebar. When typing, press the space with the left or right thumb depending on whether you have used your left or right finger. However, this is not a very strict rule. Often, only one thumb is used and this is not a big mistake.

Remember that typing on your keyboard is supposed to be pleasant, and learning how to type quickly should neither strain your hand muscles nor be a mental burden. After all, you are learning to make you better. We use the keyboard because it is an effective method of entering text. It has an advantage over other methods, which will be discussed in the next lesson of the touch typing course.