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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: middle, ring - row 4

man, represent, moon, supposed, customer, grand, crime, perhaps, know, memory, artist, continue, heart, difference, perfect, note, figure, of, lost, determine, pot, thief, full, floor, of, means, mine, meat, copy, essentially, home, go, jump, property, river, pity, finger, catch, assures, small, album, car, buy, special, suggest, heavily, wish, most, would, salt, suit, feelings, hit, feeling, syllable, future, space, child, pass, true, track, happen, lost, chair, commission, sudden, sky, scream, live, clock, sail, floor, hear, few, push, street, volunteer, substance, rain, long, space, get, major, made, society, saving, brief, mix, territory, alcohol, great, suicide, class, very, deserve, veteran, women, nor, library, stream

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