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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: middle - row 1

increasing, call, red, engine, exchange, wood, other, gentle, charles, investigator, fruit, beseech, write, pregnant, discover, pick, bought, importance, understand, fingers, near, industry, deal, people, race, philosophy, character, feelings, lot, wrong, speech, common, trouble, cause, England, being, employer, touch, far, injured, cent, zero, lied, joke, command, knife, cold, pass, busy, thousands, sing, to repair, climb, blood, abandon, disease, discovery, album, white, city, project, points, level, apparently, station, had, provide, process, burn, double, eye, voice, agenda, held, guest, leave, white, guilty, while, code, strengths, keep, court, sugar, sword, wise, page, package, student, pull, third, took, Congratulations, cat, thank, twin, came, hundred, bone, creature

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