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close and start typing

Lesson - fingers: middle - row 1

skin, symptom, animal, appreciate, sit, lake, accounts, please, prove, reply, fundamental, to repair, day, accept, feels, race, decimal, love, wine, broken, island, constant, above, phase, bell, emergency, brain, invent, show, imagine, being, heart, secrets, street, destroy, lived, please, piece, add, knew, disorder, safe, screw, wash, scale, game, call, strong, single, coat, restaurant, married, equally, science, movies, result, forest, lose, jacket, grew, atom, silent, sell, trial, cigarette, sun, tell, meters, bright, through, arrest, look, summer, teeth, experience, dress, soldier, some, special, served, married, fresh, invent, were, history, to arrive at, sister, pose, else, each, won't, third, rope, worry, saving, airline, form, want to, pack, hunt

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