Typing practice - lesson 15

close and start typing

In this lesson of the touch typing course let's focus on the middle fingers. Notice that in your lessons that concern the top row of keys of your keyboard, you are tasked with mastering fewer keys than you did with the keys that produce letters. This is because mastering the keys in the top row of the keyboard is more difficult. If you have not used all your ten fingers for typing on your keyboard, you probably wondered often where a given key is.

Typing in the top row of the keyboard is strange because we have a lot of characters there. This is the most numerous keyboard row when it comes to the number of keys. Both little fingers have six upper row keys to master, while the ring fingers and middle fingers are only responsible for pressing two keys (one finger for one key).

If the lessons are not easy, and you doubt the sense of learning to type faster, think about how much time you waste by typing incorrectly. A lot of individual cases can be considered here. Each of us has a different day schedule. Everyone uses a keyboard to type for a different purpose. Even if you don't type a lot of text on your computer or other device, you only use it to consume content, it's still plenty of time throughout your life. It is better to start learning touch typing now than in ten years. Besides, then probably your motivation will be only lower. So let's get to typing the next characters on the keyboard.