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Lesson - fingers: ring - row 1

history, original, pipe, thank, event, dogs, ear, world, purchase, moon, spoke, aunt, planet, cry, such, talent, turned, crowd, means, normal, Asian, girlfriend, animals, adjust, hat, branch, bread, pity, airline, removes, powerful, double, road, paper, destroy, ride, bat, lesson, corn, club, screw, creation, court, air, gold, cover, broken, first, knowledge, got, had, position, create, pose, company, exactly, only, design, order, normal, quick, own, meet, they, disorder, consonant, black, witness, taste, road, maker, farm, bomb, reach, to send, nine, stories, cop, would, we, in love, said, arrive, animals, in use, thank, fair, intention, first, rose, atom, love, through, power, seven, meat, reality, great, hour, leave

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