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Lesson - fingers: ring - row 1

effect, idea, thank, small, jump, piece, girl, adjust, silver, west, represent, original, diet, teeth, are, dictionary, shalt, spell, reply, settlement, machine, stop, key, travel, bread, market, offer, wind, cousin, paid, walk, video, road, reply, phrase, window, flesh, essentially, gentle, command, since, leg, pilot, cry, made, voice, question, necessary, happy, bad, after, Saturday, is, empty, village, live, below, race, missile, entertainment, cut, track, put, window, develop, way, able, role, case, favor, right, closed, lily, former, sign, horror, tourist, will, count, bottle, key, problem, dance, uses, map, recover, found, interest, surprised, recover, car, level, heavy, sale, sleep, private, lily, heap, finger, evidence

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