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Lesson - fingers: ring - row 1

wanted, beautiful, stop, paid, dramatic, offer, match, no, west, general, teach, who, fall, lake, depends, future, horses, assassin, field, human, dramatic, dust, negotiation, great, deep, long, walk, frankly, recover, participation, why, atmosphere, held, contact, fall, quotient, princess, special, sent, through, women, married, is holding, sharp, carry, human, mostly, grand, sauce, small, just, oxygen, center, camera, or, bad, note, position, thank, sword, wire, after, speak, try, famous, cap, bother, soil, print, must, new, package, found, dress, saying, we, king, role, command, type, saved, pound, during, recover, experiment, direction, mine, bank, lyrics, slave, look, car, lock, laugh, very, open, error, determine, dramatic, quite

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