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Lesson - Most common words 1-500

the, name, of, very, to, through, and, just, form, in, sentence, is, great, it, think, you, say, that, help, he, low, was, line, for, differ, on, turn, are, cause, with, much, mean, before, his, move, they, right, boy, old, one, too, have, same, this, tell, from, does, or, set, had, three, by, want, hot, air, word, well, but, also, what, play, some, small, we, end, can, put, out, home, other, read, were, hand, all, port, there, large, when, spell, up, add, use, even, your, land, how, here, said, must, an, big, each, high, she, such, which, follow, do, act, their, why, time, ask, if, men, will, change, way, went, about, light, many, kind, then, off, them, need, write, house, would, picture, like, try, so, us, these, again, her, animal, long, point, make, mother, thing, world, see, near, him, build, two, self, has, earth, look, father, more, head, day, stand, could, own, go, page, come, should, did, country, number, found, sound, answer, no, school, most, grow, people, study, my, still, over, learn, know, plant, water, cover, than, food, call, sun, first, four, who, between, may, state, down, keep, side, eye, been, never, now, last, find, let, any, thought, new, city, work, tree, part, cross, take, farm, get, hard, place, start, made, might, live, story, where, saw, after, far, back, sea, little, draw, only, left, round, late, man, run, year, don't, came, while, show, press, every, close, good, night, me, real, give, life, our, few, under, north, open, ten, seem, simple, together, several, next, vowel, white, toward, children, war, begin, lay, got, against, walk, pattern, example, slow, ease, center, paper, love, group, person, always, money, music, serve, those, appear, both, road, map, often, rain, letter, rule, until, govern, mile, pull, river, cold, car, notice, feet, voice, care, unit, second, power, book, town, carry, fine, took, certain, science, fly, eat, fall, room, lead, friend, cry, began, dark, idea, machine, fish, note, mountain, wait, stop, plan, once, figure, base, star, hear, box, horse, noun, cut, field, sure, rest, watch, correct, color, able, face, pound, wood, done, main, beauty, enough, drive, plain, stood, girl, contain, usual, front, young, teach, ready, week, above, final, ever, gave, red, green, list, though, quick, feel, develop, talk, ocean, bird, warm, soon, free, body, minute, dog, strong, family, special, direct, mind, pose, behind, leave, clear, song, tail, measure, produce, door, fact, product, street, black, inch, short, multiply, numeral, nothing, class, course, wind, stay, question, wheel, happen, full, complete, force, ship, blue, area, object, half, decide, rock, surface, order, deep, fire, moon, south, island, problem, foot, piece, system, told, busy, knew, test, pass, record, since, boat, top, common, whole, gold, king, possible, space, plane, heard, stead, best, dry, hour, wonder, better, laugh, true, thousand, during, ago, hundred, ran, five, check, remember, game, step, shape, early, equate, hold, hot, west, miss, ground, brought, interest, heat, reach, snow, fast, tire, verb, bring, sing, yes, listen, distant, six, fill, table, east, travel, paint, less, language, morning, among, grand, cat, ball, century, yet, consider, wave

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