Typing practice - lesson 22

close and start typing

Here is another lesson in this touch typing course addresses the most common words. I have already explained why fast typing of common words on the keyboard is so important. Let us now consider the issue of gamification in the learning of touch typing.

Gamification is the inclusion of elements typically associated with games outside the context of games. This is to increase commitment to a given activity. Achievements can be considered as an element of gamification in learning to type faster. You strive to reach a next level of typing speed. The fact of reaching a level will not mean that you've typed a minute before reaching this level more slowly, but it will be a visible sign for you that you are typing on the keyboard at a given speed. You motivate yourself to achieve a goal that you set for yourself. You are more focused when you strive for something.

The most obvious element of gamification in the case of AgileFingers are fast typing games. You type letters or words that show up on different graphics, but you do not quite feel like during doing a touch typing course, where you have to click the same keyboard key several times. You play a game. Games make our lives more pleasant. They make us break away from reality a little. Games of keyboard typing have a goal of bringing some entertainment into something that can be considered useful to you. This is something that will keep you from focusing on learning to type withoutl looking at the keyboard, but will associate keyboard typing with something pleasant.