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Lesson - Most common words 1001-1500

time, return, certain, stupid, sale, to come up, great, shots, health, leave, lover, to send, cooked, normal, danger, government, town, to pose, open, newspaper, approach, pity, skin, full, steal, nose, dance, serve, friendly, good, thousand, hero, bank, sergeant, key, seconds, North, inspector, hey, freedom, please, court, judge, are coming, noise, cop, is holding, terrible, seems, crime, next, can, seated, tea, happiness, paid, heap, through, dumb, joke, prefer, advice, dress, drawn, protect, dreams, only, pity, eye, same, wine, had, ground, wind, club, boys, kid, aunt, believes, ladies, bar, middle, Queen, sign, center, probably, beer, crazy, useless, nothing, feels, different, understand, taking, clothing, listing, know, United, society, dear, care, Pierre, call, use, bought, which, plug, speech, guys, doing, marry, departure, enemy, go, like, show, want to, research, becomes, selected, pose, movies, interest, interested, role, Congratulations, go down, turned, position, serves, injured, human, seat, match, guilty, about, art, setting, hope, quits, which, Wall, to fart, open, church, beauty, loose, address, miss, small, jump, anger, director, farewell, bet, Entrance, wrong, drive, returned, justice, soldier, experience, would, brain, window, district, prince, screw, promise, Venus, soldiers, falls, rich, flowers, eye, present, press, brothers, ridiculous, evidence, open, come back, might, marry, interesting, kid, should, stories, pink, please, nature, empty, responsible, courage, able, cinema, decision, Taxi, sing, excuse, feel, doors, proud, second, apartment, contact, try, saved, hide, reply, way, liked, legs, opportunity, defense, long, throw, driveway, wonderful, based, such, married, ice, teeth, among, at once, married, pay, no, machine, holidays, wife, monster, memory, killer, born, go on, French, made, race, majesty, mine, types, certainly, chopped off, importance, where is, ideas, wins, forget, cat, have, found, releases, take a dump, delighted, were, arrive, joy, planned, when, superb, touch, bath, content, horrible, finds, short, disturbs, bomb, some, reality, investigation, truck, means, hundred, to touch, occupied, expecting, meet, excellent, respect, quits, turn, ground, white, project, to avoid, fish, mostly, down, happy, prevent, married, eat, towards, angel, best, girlfriend, shoes, folder, rules, tough, animals, language, horses, princess, zoned, drug, charge, food, bridge, refuse, dogs, opposite, nice to meet you, pain, policy, facts, to arrive at, try, shop, are, say, full, lived, bus, to offer, hat, recounts, cards, discuss, paper, action, allowed, drank, fast, sheriff, fresh, gone, takes, meeting, put, island, bathroom, code, surgery, special, planet, will come, field, color, bread, excuse, destiny, thank, discovered, since, cut, vessel, sacred, meal, contract, necessary, customer, destroy, milk, done, memory, cry, boyfriend, remains, staff, double, cute, knife, know, witness, faith, sleep, thank, direction, malignant, level, reset, brought, like, mine, trial, soft, find, solution, tell, to close, to choose, taste, new, end, amuse, difference, stop, charles, kids, reflect, customers, pregnant, beautiful, university, blue, meters, seen, loved, fed up, lied, call, run, arrange, work, papers, found, officer, space, smile, tell, deserved, letters, accept, what, bankrupt, England, speed, leg, camera, call back, tree, rooms, strengths, treasure, victim, energy, say, huge, returns, alex, belongs, to prepare, own, sorry, finally, la France, guest, lesser, supposed, picture, exactly, count, take off, hunt, unique, stop, file, bullets, evidence, Sunday, high school, wire, piece, names, during, broken, fingers, check, million, apparatus, pull, answer, track, last, man, third, depends, humans, program, honest, car, move, beautiful, adjust, cut, black, hear, blinded, move, had, presence, know, crisis, not allowed, very, raise

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