Typing practice - lesson 23

close and start typing

Another lesson of touch typing is ahead of us ... and another portion of words to rewrite. Before you put your hands on the keyboard and start typing, let me, as the main creator of AgileFingers, share my history of learning touch typing.

I am a programmer. But before I became a programmer, I went to high school and I didn't quite know who I wanted to be. However, when I made the final choice to study computer science, I decided to buy a computer. All the savings went to finance a desktop computer, monitor and, of course, mouse and keyboard.

Because I became a happy owner of my own computer at such a late age - just a year before I started studying computer science, I wasn't able to type quickly on the keyboard. If I typed more often even incorrectly on the keyboard, probably the need for learning touch typing would be much weaker. However, I was lame in this respect. So I bought a program for learning touch typing on CD. If I think about it now, it cost of it was quite significant compared to what it offered, yet it was probably the best investment I have ever made.

It wouldn't be such a great investment if I didn't practice. The most important was, that almost every day, for a year, I devote some time to learning keyboard fast typing. I think people who have had more to do with computers would not need so much time to learn as I did. Comparing yourself to other in such cases is quite unfair and dumb.

In the end, I went to a technical university to learn to program with virtually no IT knowledge. I know what effort means, but regularity means that the effort put into learning, in particular in learning touch typing, does not have to be so big. The effort divided into stages does not bother us so much. If you want to learn to type faster and you force yourself to sit an hour in front of a computer screen and study the next lessons of the AgileFingers course, think that you don't have to do it in such a radical way. Take 10-15 minutes every day to learn touch typing. Studying numeric keys lessons should not be such a pain then. In the long run, you will achieve the same effect and you will type without looking at your keyboard.