Typing practice - lesson 21

close and start typing

Are you now motivated to take a touch typing lesson that concentrates on practicinga a next batch of common words? If not, let's have a break and discuss the issue of content creators and consumers.

Virtually everyone who uses the Internet is a content consumer. You browse the news, watch movies, read what others have written on social networks. You don't even need to use the keyboard to consume content. You can only click on links on websites and you don't have to type anything in your browser. Of course, entering search phrases in various search engines will not be much more effective for those who have the ability to type without keypad. Generally, we do not enter so much into the small browser or search engine bar on a given website.

It is different in the case of content creators. Developers often use the keyboard because it is the most precise tool for coding. Typing without looking at the keyboard is very useful for creators, because it saves time and focuses on content. If you use keyboard fast typing techniques, you unknowingly enter letters on your keyboard. You can focus on the content you wish to create and you don't have to wonder where the key is on the keyboard.

Do you need to type without looking at the keyboard? If you are a createor the answer may be more obvious, but are you sure you are not a content creator? If you post on social networks, discussion groups, forums, you are a kind of content creator. Posting your opinion in the comments is also content creation. You don't have to start a blog in order to create content. So fast typing is also for you. And if you don't create anything online, nothing at all ... maybe you create documents at work or at home. Creating any texts is content creation. It may not be content that you want to share with others, but you still do create it. You use the keyboard, so learn to type faster and you will save time you spend for typing.