Typing practice - lesson 24

close and start typing

This is a lesson of the AgileFingers course, which concern typing of the most common words. Before you start typing on your keyboard, you may read this text and we will think together why keyboard typing has become a niche.

I'm not going to whine about the fact that it used to be ... It used to be once and now is now. Now is different. The consumption of multimedia content looks different. Users changed their habits, we started using tablets. Smartphones do not have physical keyboards. Their keyboards are small, it is impossible to write with all 10 fingers on the on-screen keyboard. Ok, maybe it is possible, but such typing would be quite uncomfortable and I doubt that you could type without looking at the keyboard.

Learning typing correctly requires effort and time. Unfortunately, effort is not something that most people like, and the time we have is limited to 24 hours (1440 minutes) per day. Not everyone is aware that the ability to write without sight will save this time. However, to save time, you must lose it first. This is the so-called investment. Every investment, however, has a cost, and not everyone is aware that the return on such an investment will be quite fast. Most importantly, an investment in learning blindness writing is an investment with a guarantee of return and success.

If you are in this place, it means that you have invested your time well. You will definitely type faster and more correctly.