Typing practice - lesson 25

close and start typing

Let's add numbers to the fast typing words lesson. The ability to type numbers without looking at the keyboard is very important. A keyboard has numbers in its top row. Earlier lessons concerned the numerical keys in sequencial order and it was suggested that these were not the most pleasant lessons. Now, however, we have words interwoven with numbers. This lesson will be a little more interesting...

More interesting, of course, as for the lessons of the touch typing course. On the occasion of this lesson, which is in fact the last lesson in the basic block of quick writing lessons, I would like to tell you why AgileFingers was created. There are touch typing courses on the Internet. Before AgileFingers was founded, online courses were already available. AgileFingers' task, however, was to make the course of touch typing the as enjoyable interaction as possible. I know that learning to type on the keyboard is not an exciting activity, so let it be something pleasant, applicable even for children.

AgileFingers is not just for adults or teenagers, it is also a touch typing course for children. It includes games, uses friendly iconography. It is not about bragging that AgileFingers is a great course of touch writing for children, but if you have doubts as to whether children will find something interesting in AgileFingers, I can confirm that yes. Children who use AgileFingers not only want to play fast typing games, but they are happy to do lessons, even more than texts, because the lessons are easier. They are happy to achieve further goals. Everyone likes to achieve something and it does not depend on age.