Fast touch typing exercise - Programming lesson: PHP

close and start typing

PHP is a general purpose computer language that which primary goal is creating web pages.

PHP code is can be deployed on most of web servers. The result of compiled PHP code can be any type of data but it is usually a HTML page.

Typing code in PHP with a keyboard feels like typing JavaScript code with JQuery as the $ symbol is used very intensively. Dollar symbol is used as a variable prefix. The type of a variable does not need to be predefined.

Functions and names are not case sensitive, but variable names are case sensitive. Because PHP does not depend on data types, it is loosely coupled computer language.

PHP defines a lot of different functions. It also supports defining classes. PHP uses braces to separate blocks of code and statements so typing them is very significant if you want to learn touch typing in PHP. Similarly to Java, PHP uses semicolons to end lines of code.