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Custom keyboard typing exercises

In the subpabe on touch typing using texts, there are many predefined literature excerpts. If these texts are not enough for you, you can enter your own custom texts. This functionality is not new as it had existed in AgileFingers for some time. The custom texts section has been modified to make learning touch typing even more interesting. We have added some useful features to this functionality.

Your own texts can be longer. You can just correct your own text. The custom touch typing exercises have their own titles. If you don't enter a title, it will be done automatically. You can remove your custom texts.

Using this new functionality is especially useful when you want to learn something by heart. You can practice touch typing and at the same time learn a poem or prepare for a test. Learning through repetition is very effective and as it is not only about repeating a piece of information, but also learning touch typing, it should be more interesting to you.

Hiding keyboard on the typing exercise page

Once you learn to type without looking at the keyboard, you may not want to have any hints on which keyboard key to press. You can remove the virtual keyboard from the exercise view. You need to click the "hide keyboard" icon.

The keyboard is visible when the following icon is visible:

When the keyboard is hidden you see the icon:

The visibility of the virtual keyboard can be also changed in settings.

We strongly recommend that you do not hide the keyboard when you learn touch typing. The whole point of the learning process is that you type accurately and you use the correct finger to click a given keyboard key. When you follow this advice, you should start typing faster and faster.

Exporting class scores and student scores to a report in Excel format

If you are a teacher and you use the school zone in AgileFingers you know that you can view the results of the whole class for a given exercise or all the scores of a particular student. The limitation of this functionality is that it is available only in AgileFingers. You cannot view the results elsewhere if you do not copy them.

We have implemented a possibility to export the keyboard typing scores for a class and for a particular student. It works the same way as viewing the results on our typing program. You need to click the export link (the one with "XLSX" text) and the results get exported. You can now save the exported file and see all the results that are visible in AgileFingers when all result sections are expanded.

Programming lessons in C++, C# and Bash

There are new programming lessons available in the lessons section. W have added touch typing lessons for C++, C# and Bash.

These languages are very mature and by computer science standards quite old. However, these languages are still very useful. It is worth learning to code faster if you use these computer languages. If you are a programmer and you don't code in any of these languages, it will be just useful for you to get familiar with their syntax. The broader your knowledge about different programming languages is, the better coder you are.