AgileFingers news archive

Keyboard settings to improve the learning of touch typing

There are some new settings that you may prefer to change in the process of learning how to type faster.

"Allowing typos" is the setting represented by the padlock icon above the text you type. If the padlock is unlocked, typos are allowed. This means that if you make a typo, you can keep typing. If you type a single character incorrectly and the padlock is locked, you are not allowed to continue typing. You must correct the incorrectly typed character. The wrongly typed character is displayed in red above the current character you should type. Moreover, you can't use backspace while the padlock is locked, so if you make a typo your typing accuracy score will be lowered.

We have added an explanation of this new setting icon, as well as other icons that are visible in the text typing screen of the AgileFingers touch typing course. See the help section for a description.

In the settings section, which can be accessed by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner, there is a new option for sound volume. By default, the sound volume is at maximum. Now you can change the volume of the keyboard typing sound as well as the volume of game sounds. The changes will apply to all sounds that are in the entire keyboard typing course.

New game for practicing touch typing

Word-jumper is a new touch typing game that makes learning to type on the keyboard more fun.

When you practice typing texts or doing lesson practice, it is worth sometimes having a break and playing a game. If you do not want to waste your time, play a game that will teach you to type faster. The learning process should be pleasurable. Thanks to the new game, you will be able to practice typing common words.

Word-jumper is a game for practicing touch typing that consists of levels. Each level is a bit more difficult than the previous one. The higher the level, the longer the words you will type. The initial levels do not have all the obstacles and enemies that you can see in the higher levels. After every four levels, the scenery changes so you may be curious what worlds the jumper visits. After each level, you will see a summary that you can use as a break before challenging the next level.

Reporting errors in texts of touch typing exercises

Reporting errors in texts that are used as exercises for touch typing has been in AgileFingers for some time. However, as this functionality has never been announced, we would like to remind you about such a possibility.

Not all of the touch typing text exercises are perfect. There may be some typos in them, or they may contain expressions or grammar constructions that are no longer used in your language. It is very hard to control the quality of the texts. You can help us with that.

If you notice an error in the text you type, you can go to text correction page. You can let us know about a particular error or copy the whole original text and make corrections there. You can help yourself and others to learn touch typing. It is good to do something good.

A new AgileFingers look

AgileFingers touch typing course has changed again. This time we have made a significant change to its user interface. Although the colors and the style of the page are the same, the page layout is quite different. You will notice that you can scroll the entire page now. We hope that the touch typing course will be even more effective for you.

Another significant change of AgileFingers is visible on the main page. There is a news section. We will be putting here information about significant updates, new articles, etc. There is historical news we will also add in order to be able to keep a track of how AgileFingers has evolved.

During some recent time, there was much going on in changing the typing course looks. We still have some amount of corrected texts by the users to verify. We will follow up with processing user feedback as soon as possible.

As this change is so significant, we recognize that something may have gone wrong. If you notice any errors, please do not hesitate to let us know here.