Learn to type faster

You would surely like to spend more time on things you like. However, you feel that slow typing makes you loose a lot of time.

Bad typing habits are reinforced each time when you use your keyboard incorrectly (when a wrong finger clicks a given key). It makes you unable to type more quickly. Such inconspicuous wasting of time is terrible, because precious minutes accumulate in hours, days, weeks... irretrievably lost in life.

AgileFingers is a course that teaches how to type faster. It has been created by professionals, for current and future professionals. I'm the main creator of AgileFingers. As a programmer I know what it means to use the keyboard everyday, even a dozen or so hours.

Unfortunately, education systems focus on teaching handwriting rather than learning how to correctly type using the keyboard. Because no one teaches you to type properly, you get the wrong habits that you can not get rid of. Programs that aim to teach you how to type fast, mostly concentrate on the speed, not correctness. Therefore, using the wrong program, you can type faster, but incorrectly. In this case, if your work requires a lot of typing, you may have future health problems related to abnormal muscle tension in the hands and wrists. Besides, typing incorrectly is unnatural it will never lead you to achieving the speed you are able to achieve.

Before I started to study computer science, I learned how to type quickly using a program installed from a CD. I practiced every day for a few minutes for a good couple of months. I did not realize how great benefit it would bring in the future.

I have been a professional programmer for many years. When I think about how much time and health I didn't loose thanks to touch typing, I am glad that I have learned to type faster in the past.

AgileFingers is a course that will help you type faster and correctly. Virtual hands show which keys you should press and which fingers should be used for that. You do not have to focus on the text, just press an appropriate keyboard key with an appropriate finger. In time your muscles will remember the correct finger movements.

The road you need to go to master fast touch typing is relatively long and generally tedious. Writing texts is not a very exciting job. AgileFingers, however, makes that such a monotonous activity can be pleasant.

I wish you persistence in learning how to type faster. By investing your time now, you will save it much in the future.

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