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Programming lessons

Every computer language has its own syntax. You can type code faster thanks to practicing touch typing. The lessons above have a bunch of different code fragments, which are mixed each time you run a given lesson.

Programming in the context of touch typing - let's talk.

Touch typing in programming

In programming, proficiency in typing can significantly boost productivity and efficiency. Our touch typing course extends beyond common words and sentences, diving into the programming world. AgileFingers contains programming lessons for typing using popular programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, C++, and more. These lessons are designed to help you become familiar with the syntax of these languages, the placement of special characters, and the rhythm of typing code. They will also aid you in learning to type code without constantly looking down at your keyboard, allowing you to focus on solving problems and developing algorithms. Whether you are a professional programmer or a beginner, these keyboard typing lessons will elevate your programming skills.

The importance of fast typing special characters during coding in the case of most computer languages code cannot be overstated. Characters such as "{", "/", "#", "+", and ";" form the backbone of programming syntax, and their precise and speedy typing is critical to efficient programming. Each programming language has its unique set of special characters that are used frequently. The programming lessons in AgileFingers are not to teach you how to code but rather how to increase your programming speed. You need to know what you type. Mindless typing the computer code will not teach you a new programming language, but it may get you used to a particular syntax. If you already know a specific programming language, you may remind yourself of some aspects just by typing a piece of code.

Moreover, programming-oriented keyboard typing lessons offer a unique opportunity to familiarize yourself with different programming languages. As you learn to type without looking at the keyboard when typing code, you will be simultaneously reinforcing your knowledge of the syntax and structure of computer languages. You will gain some experience typing commands and structures of different computer languages, allowing you to understand their nuances better. This dual benefit of improving typing speed while deepening understanding of programming languages is what makes programming-centric keyboard typing lessons so beneficial.

Engaging in our programming lessons can fast-track your journey toward becoming a highly efficient programmer.